Our student participate in international and local conferences

Nili and Dana: 'Amirim' Project Presentation, 2009
Dudi, Shaked, Cris, Mirit and Shiri: Cattle Science conference, Israel, 2010
Mirit and Dudi: SRF conference, London, 2010
 Tanya: Gums & Stabilisers conference, Netherland, 2011
Dudi: Master's final presentation, Israel, 2011
Dorit: ISEE conference, Spain, 2013
Dorit: SRF conference, England, 2013
Dorit: IETS conference, France, 2015
Moty and Zvi: 'Amirim' Project Presentation, 2016
Alisa: Cattle Science conference, Israel, 2016
Moty and Dorit: EHF conference, Israel, 2016
Ronny: Master Poster's Competition", Israel, 2016
Dorit: Doctoral thesis presentation, 2016
Dorit and Alisa: ISEE conference, Italy, 2016
Moty and Alisa: SRF conference, England, 2016
Ilya: Cryobiology conference, China, 2017
Alisa: AYALA conference, Israel  2017
Alisa and Ronny: Cattle Science conference, Israel, 2017
Alisa and Dorit: EHF conference, Israel, 2017
Alisa: AETE conference, England, 2017
Arina: Final presentation, Israel, 2018
Alisa and Dorit: AYALA conference, Israel, 2018
Alisa: SARG Workshop, Israel, 2018
Alisa, Shira and Dorit: SARG Conference, Israel, 2018
Alisa, Dorit and Zvi: PhD formal ceremony, Israel, 2018
The Smith's Prize winner- Alisa Komsky-Elbaz, 2018
The Smith's Prize winner- Alisa Komsky-Elbaz, 2018

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